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World Environment Day - June 5th 2021

Emily Stephenson, Beach Guardian founder was a speaker at the Rotary Club of Ware and at the Rotary District 1260 conference- 


she writes

“I recently gave a presentation at District 1260 conference and I was totally blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm, engagement and interest in environmental issues. It is always clear to me when a group really appreciate the importance of conservation; which is always made clear by the proactive nature of all Rotary clubs and with the new seventh area of focus coming in this year. To hear that the clubs in Lea valley have now decided to clean up the River Lea is not surprising at all, as I knew they were an awesome group of trailblazing changemakers… I just hope they send me some of the vintage crisp packets that they are bound to find! When restrictions allow, I would love to join the fun.”


Emily reminded us that it’s time to stop……….

………polluting the rivers and seas with single use plastic


It’s time to stop making Plastic soup


Plastic soup is a term referring to pollution of the sea by plastics in general, ranging from large pieces of fishing gear that can entrap marine animals to the microplastics and nanoplastics that result from the breakdown or photodegradation of plastic waste in surface waters, rivers or oceans.



“The simple fact of the matter is, if changes aren’t made urgently, it will be too late.”

Emily – Beach Guardian


Because 81% of river waste is plastic, according to the most recent Clean Rivers survey. And it goes into the sea!

So,  what are we going to do about it?


The five Rotary Clubs in the Lea Valley area, Amwell,  Hertford, Hertford Shires, Hoddesdon and Ware will be out on the tow path between the Barge in Hertford down to Cheshunt Station on June 5t, World  Environment day – picking up litter and raising awareness of single use plastics.

They will be on the look out for all sorts of litter but will be particularly interested in crisp packets – and looking for the oldest one. Why? Because it was a crisp packet that Emily found on the beach that was older than her, that began her quest to recycle crisp packets and all her other work on cleaning up the environment. 

Stop Plastic Soup
Plastic Soup
The Lea Valley Rotary Clubs
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